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Dua Revival (DR) Season 02

14-01-2016 11 videos

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In an effort to revive the traditions of the last and the noblest Messenger...

Dua Revival (DR) Season 02 - #DuaRevival2 by Ustadh Majed Mahmoud!

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: 'Whoever revives an aspect of my Sunnah that is forgotten after my death, he will have a reward equivalent to that of the people who follow him, without it detracting in the least from their reward.' [Reported by al-Tirmidhi]

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You And You Alone á´´á´°
You Mad? á´´á´°
I’m Going To Kill Myself! ᴴᴰ
Woke Up Suddenly At Night? á´´á´°
Dog Bite, Sexual Harassment & Islamophobia á´´á´°
Drunk Brother On Flight In Ramadan! á´´á´°
Hey Good Lookin! á´´á´°
Peace Out! á´´á´°
Atshooo! á´´á´°
30 Second Knockout! á´´á´°

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