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28-01-2015 11 videos

The Daily Reminder Network presents…
In an effort to revive the methodology and wording of our beloved Prophet (SAW)…
Dua Revival (DS) - #DuaRevival by Ustadh Majed Mahmoud!
“I respond to the call of the caller whenever he calls” [2:136].
Make Dua – Be Certain – Take Action. These are just some of the tips that Ustadh Majed will share with us in his series, along with a large variety of beneficial duas.
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Dua To Pay Off Your Debts
Dua To Stay On The Right Path
Dua That Protects You From All Evil
Dua & Ramadan 2014
Dua To Get The Prophet's Help
Dua That Guarantees You Paradise!
Dua To Literally Boost Your Energy
Dua In Times Of Tragedy
A Must Know About Dua
If You Only Knew

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