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Is TDR Shia, Sunni, Wahabi & etc...?

TDR Does not represent any denominations of Islam, we are a non denominational organization

Where does my donations go?

- TDR is a charity organization (GA 3075) which functions primarily by the donations of its viewers and well-wishers.Your donations will help all the 4 elements of TDR.

Is my donations properly utilized by the TDR Network ?

TDR is also registered as a Dawah organization in the court of Allah which we believe to be of greatest accountability to the Amanat (Trust) that our donors bestow on us

Is the TDR Donation payment processing safe ?

TDR process its donations through some of the worlds leading internet payment processing and fundraising platforms such as Paypal, Gofundme, Western Union Transfer and Direct Bank Transfer

How can I interact with the TDR Network ?

TDR has a contact us tab for your instant queries,TDR also has an exclusive sign up tab through which you could register yourself with the TDR database in order to correspond and be benefited by the future initiatives of TDR.

How can I involve with or contribute to the TDR Network ?

The donate or causes tab will instantly guide you through the steps of becoming a financial contributor for the noble cause of Dawah,The volunteer tab gives you a non-monetary involvement where you can contribute to the TDR Network with your Skills and will and If you are a speaker or an artist you can correspond directly with TDR for further discussions in this regard.

Is it possible to download, and share the TDR Contents?

TDR greatly encourages its viewers to share its web and social media content freely without any restriction,TDR also has provided the option for downloading its content for offline access.

Does TDR permit the reproduction of its content?

As for the concern of reproducing or featuring the TDR content in other works we are happy to permit under certain conditions,The purpose of reproduction should be Islamic and Non Profit oriented. Credits should be properly and clearly acknowledged in appreciation of the resources invested by TDR Network.

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